MABE Orphanage -- Port au Prince, Haiti

MABE Orphanage -- Port au Prince, Haiti

Monday, July 17, 2017

Not too late...

Dear Friends and Family,

Its not too late to help the mothers and children in Haiti. Please send your donation check today, or donate online at: 

Our 2017 Children's Hope team of 12 stateside (19 total) leaves in just one week. We are still $3,500 short of our projected budget but, as always, I trust that miracles happen, and have already ordered the life saving supplies.

Just this morning the Lamp for Haiti clinic's requested 20 cases of 200 obstetrical kits landed in our driveway... Yikes! 

Somehow we will manage to hand-carry these and over 1,000 pounds of supplies into Haiti this week. We really can't manage to do this work without you. Our student team literally put their lives at risk (of cholera, etc.) to do this work while paying all their own expenses. We don't ask you to risk your life; we only ask that you help this urgent work continue to save lives in Haiti.  Any amount changes a life.

Peace, all ways and always, Leisa, Paul and Luke

P.S. By the way, we welcome any and all to join in our service trips. Its always the last week in July, and the experience will change your life forever. 😃

Prof. Leisa Faulkner, Folsom Lake College
Executive Director, Children's Hope
3025 Cambridge Road #A
Cameron Park, CA 95682 USA
text: 916.801.4184


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