Children's Hope Solidarity Team at MABE Orphanage -- Gressier, Haiti

Children's Hope Solidarity Team at MABE Orphanage -- Gressier, Haiti

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leisa's Haiti Journal #2, July 2013 -- "Good luck do good and don't let nobody get u down."

"Good luck do good and dont let nobody get u down."

Haiti Journal #2 July 2013
Dear Friends,                                                                        
Our heartfelt thanks goes out to those of you who have already donated for the July 2013 Student Trip To Haiti. It’s not too late! You can donate online: or send me a little note with a pledge to
To fill 18 duffles, we reached out again to our Marshall Hospital’s angels. These women salvage, collect and donate surplus new supplies that not only find their way to Haiti but to Honduras as well. The El Dorado County Health Department donated over 1,000 condoms to Children’s Hope. We also purchased three cases of pharmaceuticals, 37 pair of new leather school shoes (thank you PayLess Shoe source for the huge discount), a variety of sports equipment, a new laptop, and a few clothes and toys. In short, we are stuffing all we can into this trip.
The packing has swamped my dining room - and I keep finding donations I didn't know had come in. Just this morning, when everyone else was still asleep, I set to filling duffle bags. Then, I spotted two small bags with some children's handwriting poking out. A little brown note tucked inside a zip lock bag with four crayons, a pencil, pen, eraser and a glue stick read:
"Good luck do good and dont let nobody get u down."

I poked around the bag and discovered it came from children at the Stockton YMCA. Stockton. I teach in Stockton. I have students who are afraid to do the volunteer work I require at that same Stockton YMCA. Yet, these Stockton kids saved their pennies, bought a gift for some child in a different slum, half way around the world, in Port au Prince, Haiti.

One of the best things about this work is that it tends to put a bigger frame around our own social location. It helps me put into perspective just what it means to be advantaged and just what solidarity means. Thanks for being one of those rare souls who lives in solidarity.

"Good luck do good and dont let nobody get u down."

This little scrawled note reminded me of a story I told I recently at a UN associates meeting.
We found this young man sitting on a bucket just a few days after the 2010 earthquake devastated most of Haiti. He seemed quite peaceful considering his circumstance. He had just lost his entire family, crushed in the quake, along with the family home and business. Basically, all he had left in the world was the bucket he sat on.
Yet, he was calm, even peaceful.
He explained that for those three days following the quake, he had been absorbed with trying to understand how he had come to be so fortunate, why – simply - he had lived when so many of his friends and all his family had died. 
He had finally come to the conclusion that he must have been meant to survive for a purpose. That purpose, he assumed must be to serve those less fortunate than himself.
Less fortunate.
Like those children in Stockton who wish that children in Haiti will have good luck, and that they will strive to do good, but most of all that they don’t let “nobody get u down,” this young man sees himself as fortunate. 
That we all can see how we are fortunate, that we all will continue to do good, and that we will remember not let “nobody get u down,” is my hope for us all.
Thank you for your continued support of the work we try to do with Children’s Hope.
All ways and always,

Prof. Leisa Faulkner, University of the Pacific
Executive Director, Children's Hope


Ramon said...


Garry Saint, Esquire said...

Great work for Haiti!

I just added a link to my Haiti website for Leisa Faulkner's YouTube Video on "The Untold Story of Why Haiti is So Poor"

The link is here:

Thanks for your great work!

Garry Saint, Esquire

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