Children's Hope Solidarity Team at MABE Orphanage -- Gressier, Haiti

Children's Hope Solidarity Team at MABE Orphanage -- Gressier, Haiti

Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Haiti Journal #9 Rea of Sopudep School, Mayor-Mother

March 8, 2010

Dear Friends,

As we build our little team to return to Haiti this month, I had to stop and send you this link. Since 2004 many of you have heard me talk of Sopudep school...some of you have pictures of the school children as thank you's for donations. Rea created Sopudep School for street kids, she is now the un-official mayor-mother of the area where so many of "her children" lie under the rubble. It seems fitting on this International Woman's Day, to honor this woman I am honored to have call me sister.

Now you can see her and meet her for yourself, even if you can't join our next team. A substantial portion of the money donated for our last trip I handed to Rea to buy food for the children of Sopudep. Watch this video, and see what a miracle you took part in...then ask your friends, family or neighbors to watch..maybe they can help us collect new funds to take to Rea for food on March 25th when we leave again for our third service in Haiti since the quake... please help us not go empty handed.

peace, leisa

Leisa Faulkner, Executive Director
Children's Hope

3025 A Cambridge Road
Cameron Park, CA 95682
Text me @ 916.801.4184

The Mother Figure of Morne Lazarre

Rea Dol leads an effort to feed and care for the people of Morne Lazarre, a poor neighborhood in Port-au-Prince.

Watch Video

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